The Tea Wand

Enlarged view of Tea Wand

  • Hand crafted glass straw with glass strainer.

  • Brews and filters tea leaves, herbs, and infusions in the convenience of an ordinary cup.

  • Packaged in a lightweight, durable carry case.

  • Special compartment to transport your favorite tea.

Begin with a mug...

Begin with a mug, add approximately a teaspoon of loose tea or herbs (amount varies based on your personal preference), simply add hot water to your loose tea leaves or herbs in your cup, stir with your wand, add sweetener and cream to taste, build flavor and within seconds, sip to the very last drop through your Health Tea Wand. Steeping time usually decreases with wands. The Wands when used properly don’t conduct or eliminate heat. There is a normal cooling down time for boiling hot water. Sip slowly the first time until it’s the temperature you are comfortable with. Add a splash of cold water if you are concerned. You would not drink boiling hot water from a cup use the same common sense with your Wands.

Adding tea...
Until you are familiar with a particular tea, steep for a minute or two, then sip. When the tea tastes appetizing to you, sip and enjoy. Be mindful of taste rather than color. Most teas are meant to be infused several times. Add additional hot water as needed. You may want to increase steeping time for subsequent infusions.
Brewing time...
Feel free to experiment with water temperature, brewing time and proportion of tea to water. There is no right or wrong way to make tea. Trust your instincts and let your individual palate be your tea guide.
When you have finished enjoying your tea simply rinse your Health Tea Wand™ under hot water or place in dishwasher (topshelf) to prepare for your next cup of tea!

Tea time - Anytime!